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Alison appointed as Registered Manager of Terrington Lodge

This is to advise you that following Alison’s appointment as Acting Manager of Terrington Lodge, CQC has granted her full registration and accordingly, she has now been appointed as the Registered Manager of Terrington Lodge.
I am sure that you will agree that Alison has been commendable in her role and is well deserving of her official registration and full appointment. No doubt you will all join me in congratulating her and providing her your continued support in her role.
Thank you,

Raj Sehgal
Managing Director

Staff Announcement 18th February 2019

This week ARMSCARE welcomed Tim Price to our Management team. Tim will be taking over from Nigel Playford as the Registered Manager of Summerville House in Heacham.

Tim brings a wealth of experience in starting up and managing Dementia Units in the East Anglia region and will be laying the foundations for a new era at Summerville.

Initially, Tim will be working with Trina, our Operations Manager, to gain an insight into our systems and will thereafter be looking to meet all those affiliated to the Home. I am sure all residents, families, professionals and staff will join me in welcoming Tim to Summerville

National Care Association Press Release

Minister meets National Care Association member to discuss staff recruitment.

Recognising the substantial challenges faced by care providers regarding recruitment National Care Association was delighted to support one of our members to take the debate to the heart of government with a private meeting with the Minister for Care, Caroline Dinenage MP. Raj Sehgal of Armscare in rural Norfolk was able to persuade his local Member of Parliament Sir Henry Bellingham MP to seek a meeting to discuss the challenges.

National Care Association has been supporting Mr Sehgal over the past two years as he fought the system to restore his right to recruit staff from overseas in order to ensure that he is able to provide quality services to the service users in his care homes. Executive Chairman of National Care Association, Nadra Ahmed OBE, accompanied Mr Sehgal as did his solicitor Sadhana Soni of Denning Sotomayor, ensuring there was the opportunity to highlight the issue from a national perspective.

Recognising the challenges the Minister and her officials asked Mrs Ahmed and Mr Sehgal to provide her with more details so she could take the issue to her colleagues at the Home Office Minister responsible for the legislation

Mr Sehgal said he was delighted at the outcome of the meeting.

“Without the ability to recruit the best staff, it’s impossible to provide a good service to those in our care.”

Sir Henry Bellingham MP reinforced the issues for rural Norfolk ;

Commenting on the recent Ministerial meeting Henry Bellingham said: “It really was a breath of fresh air to have a meeting with a Minister who was on top of her brief, and obviously dedicated to the very best for the care sector. At a time when the NHS is facing a recruitment crisis it is absolutely vital that the care sector remains a key pipeline for providing top quality staff into the NHS. However, they will not be able to do this if they continue to face major recruitment problems of their own. This is why it is essential the Minister wins the battle within government to enable the care sector to recruit suitable staff from the EU and further afield.”

M.P. for North West Norfolk

Sir Henry Bellingham, Raj Sehgal (NCA member), Caroline Dinenage (Minister), Nadra Ahmed OBE (NCA Exec Chairman), Sadhana Soni (Solicitor)


Staff Promotions…

I am pleased to announce the well deserved promotion of Hitesh Patel and Alice Nettle who have become joint Assistant Managers of Norfolk Lodge.

Both have had considerable experience of working with Yvonne Sands in the management of the Home and are well respected by their team, the residents as well as professionals connected to Norfolk Lodge.

I am sure that you will all join me in giving them your full support and wishing them well in their posts.

Onwards & Upwards…

We are pleased to announce some well deserved internal promotions within the ARMSCARE group of Homes.

Firstly Terinia Skevington has now been promoted to the post of Group Operations Manager. Her primary role will be to work with the Home Managers to ensure total compliance with all regulatory bodies and commitment to our corporate mission statement.
Alison Lowe who, has been at Terrington Lodge for 14 years and was Trina’s deputy Manager will be take over the running of Terrington Lodge. Alison will still be guided and mentored by Trina until she can become registered with CQC, which normally takes several months.
Victoria Harrison, who has also been at Terrington Lodge for 14 years, will now take on the role as Alison’s Deputy Manager. Vicky has a wealth of experience as a senior member of the team at Terrington and has worked well to support Alison.
I am sure you will all join me in wishing them well in their well deserved promotions and give them all your fullest support.

Open House at ARMSCARE Homes

Docking House, Summerville House, Norfolk Lodge, and Terrington Lodge, are all opening their doors to anyone who needs a hot drink or a hot meal.

  • Docking House, Station Road, Docking
  • Summerville House, Fenway, Heacham
  • Norfolk Lodge, 32 Kings Lynn Road, Hunstanton
  • Terrington Lodge, 2 Lynn Road, Terrington St. Clement

We understand that this cold weather brings additional pressures to the elderly and homeless and would like to open our doors to be able to provide hot drinks and meals to anyone who needs them.


Laburnum Lodge

Parting Announcement 3rd June 2017


I am pleased to inform you that as from today, Friday 2nd June 2017 ARMSCARE Ltd has handed over the running and management of Laburnum Lodge in Littleport to Iroshan & his wife, Tishya of 365 Care Homes Ltd. Iroshan and Tishya operate a number of local businesses including Delph House Care Home, in Welney.

The Home will be managed by Ms Sayuri Lanka , who has a wealth of knowledge that relates to dementia care. Lanka currently manages Delph House and will for the short term be managing both Laburnum Lodge as well as Delph House.

All the existing staff of Laburnum Lodge will as of today be transferred under TUPE law to 365 Care Homes Ltd, so you will not see any changes to the terms of your employment contracts, hours, holidays, rates of pay. The only difference is that you will see more of Iroshan and his lovely wife who both reside locally in Littleport.

We will over the course of the next few weeks work with Iroshan to ensure that there is a totally smooth transition so that there is no noticeable difference to the staff, our residents and their families.

I would like to personally thank all the current staff, some of which have been with the Home a long time and seen it through some lows and highs. We hand over our registration in the strong knowledge and belief that the Home is rated as “Good” by CQC and this is primarily due to the dedication and hard work of the team currently in place.

I wish Iroshan & his wife, all the residents and staff well for the future and hope that you give the same support to the new providers as you have to Trina & Bernie.


Raj Sehgal, Director, ARMSCARE Ltd

Iroshan, Director, 365 Care Homes Ltd


Corporate Announcement Laburnum Lodge


I am pleased to announce that with immediate effect, Mrs Trina Skevington will be taking over the management of Laburnum Lodge as Registered Manager.

Trina has managed numerous Homes in her career but over the past year has been the manager of Terrington Lodge, for ARMSCARE. Trina has spent considerable time building a great team of staff by managing and training new staff, as well developing and mentoring existing staff.

Trina is well experienced and is an absolute delight to work with and I am positive that Trina and her team will ensure that all the staff and residents will receive the highest level of care.

Trina’s first priority will be to ensure that the Home remains fully compliant and that all her staff are fully trained and happy in their roles and also to ensure that all the residents needs are fully met.

I am positive that all staff, residents and their families will find Trina to be very approachable as she always ha an open door policy and sets a great example to her team. I am sure that you will all join me in wishing her well and give her your fullest support whilst she settles in to her post.

Raj Sehgal

Managing Director


A New Year Message…

As we leave 2016 behind and enter into the New Year, I wanted to take this opportunity to wish all our residents, their friends & families, our staff & their families, as well as those who have supported us (suppliers, bankers, accountants etc) a Very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

In particular my thanks goes to all staff who have worked over the holiday period to ensure that our residents were looked after. Its always a particularly difficult time as I appreciate that many have commitments with their own loved ones. Its obvious that our staff do the job they do because of their passion and dedication towards the residents they care for.

I thank each and everyone of our team for their hard work and loyalty over the past year and hope that this will continue into the New Year. Some staff have worked particularly hard to ensure total and complete care by covering absences, which is commendable and further demonstrates their love for the residents they care for. I know the sacrifices you have made to change your own plans to provide cover, for this I Thank You.

2016 presented us with many unprecedented difficulties, which we as a team continue to battle into 2017. With the hope, prayers and support of our well wishers, I am sure that we will conquer those who seek to jeopardise all that we have achieved and built over the past 15 years. We will rise above our challenges and grow stronger in our determination to provide the best care we can to our residents.

My message to the ARMSCARE family is that we are only ever as strong as the weakest member of our team so we must learn to mentor our colleagues with the same kindness, care and compassion that we show our residents, as it’s only “team work, which will make our dream work”.

Once again may I take this opportunity to wish you all a joyous, peaceful, healthy and prosperous 2017.

Thank you for being part of the ARMSCARE family.

Raj Sehgal

Managing Director

1st January 2017

Skilled Migrant Key Workers…

Following our annual UKBA inspection in Sept 15, in which we were open and honest our licence to sponsor skilled migrant workers was revoked and despite efforts to remedy any administrative errors, our skilled migrant workforce and their dependents were this week given 60 days to leave the United Kingdom.

In previous years, we have always worked with the UKBA to remedy any issues or adapt any recommendations, however this particular inspection was hostile, with no attempt to guide us but every effort made to highlight and make issue of minor administrative errors, non of which were malicious or ill intended. I firmly believe that this change in inspection methodology is a deliberate and fast attempt by this Government to revoke as many sponsor licences as possible in a nationwide attempt to reduce net migration to the United Kingdom. This action is being taken without giving any consideration to the serious consequences of rural Homes such as ours in loosing its skilled migrant workforce, which sets us aside from other services.

The severe difficulty in recruiting local staff or staff who are prepared to relocate to areas such as Docking is proving to be virtually impossible. Villages such as Docking do not have a regular mobile phone signal, let alone any regular public transport for commuters. The macro policies do not understand the factor of rurality and our true difficulties are not recognised at a local level.

I would now urge you to lobby and write to the following people to highlight our concerns so that they might begin to take action:

Sir Henry Bellingham MP                                    
Robert Goodwill, Minister for Immigration        
Roger Morgan NCC Quality Assurance Manager

Aston Brooke Solicitors                                      
David Bale EDP                                                    

The fact of the matter is that there is a high level government directive to reduce net migration to the UK and it is easier for the Government to target known legal migrants rather than concentrate on illegal immigrants who seem so easily to disappear without trace and remain under the radar.

This action is being taken without any consideration to the devastating consequences on a small care group such as ours which provides a much needed service to the most vulnerable in our community. Without our loyal, dedicated and hardworking skilled migrant staff, we simply can not guarantee the continued safety and wellbeing of our residents and the authorities need to recognise that we are not in a city but operate in one of the most rural parts of the country.

I thank you again for taking our plight seriously and look forward to your support and would ask you to copy me in on any communication you may send or receive in this matter.

Raj Sehgal
Managing Director