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Following our annual UKBA inspection in Sept 15, in which we were open and honest our licence to sponsor skilled migrant workers was revoked and despite efforts to remedy any administrative errors, our skilled migrant workforce and their dependents were this week given 60 days to leave the United Kingdom.

In previous years, we have always worked with the UKBA to remedy any issues or adapt any recommendations, however this particular inspection was hostile, with no attempt to guide us but every effort made to highlight and make issue of minor administrative errors, non of which were malicious or ill intended. I firmly believe that this change in inspection methodology is a deliberate and fast attempt by this Government to revoke as many sponsor licences as possible in a nationwide attempt to reduce net migration to the United Kingdom. This action is being taken without giving any consideration to the serious consequences of rural Homes such as ours in loosing its skilled migrant workforce, which sets us aside from other services.

The severe difficulty in recruiting local staff or staff who are prepared to relocate to areas such as Docking is proving to be virtually impossible. Villages such as Docking do not have a regular mobile phone signal, let alone any regular public transport for commuters. The macro policies do not understand the factor of rurality and our true difficulties are not recognised at a local level.

I would now urge you to lobby and write to the following people to highlight our concerns so that they might begin to take action:

Sir Henry Bellingham MP                                    
Robert Goodwill, Minister for Immigration        
Roger Morgan NCC Quality Assurance Manager

Aston Brooke Solicitors                                      
David Bale EDP                                                    

The fact of the matter is that there is a high level government directive to reduce net migration to the UK and it is easier for the Government to target known legal migrants rather than concentrate on illegal immigrants who seem so easily to disappear without trace and remain under the radar.

This action is being taken without any consideration to the devastating consequences on a small care group such as ours which provides a much needed service to the most vulnerable in our community. Without our loyal, dedicated and hardworking skilled migrant staff, we simply can not guarantee the continued safety and wellbeing of our residents and the authorities need to recognise that we are not in a city but operate in one of the most rural parts of the country.

I thank you again for taking our plight seriously and look forward to your support and would ask you to copy me in on any communication you may send or receive in this matter.

Raj Sehgal
Managing Director

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