Fees and Charges

Reviewed 04/04/2022

Our standard fee is £900.00 per week payable 4 weekly by Bank Standing Order.

Our fee schedule varies depending on the level of care needed and the type of accommodation chosen. These fees include the £7 weekly amenity charge.


  • £900.00 – Normal Dependency. This package is for the resident who perhaps has dementia but is generally independent but requires occasional or minimal help at times during the 24hr period.

  • £925.00 – Medium Dependency. Ongoing support with daily care including washing, dressing and meal support or singly incontinent.


  • £950.00 – Higher Dependency. Two staff members who are required to support with manual handling or doubly incontinent.


  • £980.00 - High Dependency, including the management of challenging behaviour.


  • £1000.00 - High Dependency, with one to one support for an additional hour a day (7 hours per week). 


Additional, one to one hours are charged at £16 per hour.

These fees are inclusive of:​

  • Cost of accommodation.

  • Personal care met by carers.

  • All food and beverages as prepared on the menu (excludes alcohol & special dietary requests).

  • Heating and lighting.

  • Laundry facilities.

Items not included 

   Items not included in the fees, and which will attract additional charges will include:​​

  • Hairdressing charged at cost.

  • Newspapers and magazines charged at cost.

  • TV concessionary license charged at cost.

  • Private health care costs (e.g. chiropodist, optician, dentist, etc) where these are incurred outside of the NHS charged at cost.

  • Dry cleaning charged at cost.

  • Accompanied individual visits to Doctors, Hospitals charged on a time basis – see advocacy charges below.

  • Any other accompanied outings arranged for the residents - see advocacy charges below.

  • Toiletries and other items required for personal care - see charges below.

Advocacy Charges:

Residents’ families will, of course, be encouraged to accompany their relative, however, should they decide to use the home’s advocacy service, every effort will be made to provide arrangements.

This will be charged at a rate of £16.00 per hour and will be applied where one to one care or assistance is required outside the home. For example, appointments or hospital visits, leisure trips out of the home, etc. Please note that this may require the use of agency staff. 

Travel Costs:

Where possible the home will make every effort to use community transport however if not possible then private transport will be arranged. This is charged on the basis that transport and a driver will be required. Mileage will be charged at a rate of £1 per mile, plus any waiting time if applicable or charged. If a taxi works out cheaper this will used instead – our best judgement will be used in order to minimise cost.

Amenities Charge:

Families are encouraged to supply toiletries for their relatives, however, we appreciate that this may not always be possible, and therefore we can arrange to supply these on your behalf. A charge of £7.00 per week will be invoiced separately to cover all personal toiletries and other incidental expenditure; this will also include items such as toothpaste, denture care tablets, deodorants, soaps, shampoos, cleansing body wipes, creams, razors, tissues etc.  A selection of personal toiletries is available to all residents as and when required. This charge also covers an element of administration for arranging all extra services and charging these at cost. Part of this charge also goes towards funding external entertainers, who provide much-needed stimulation for all our residents. This charge is negotiable and is split £4pw for entertainment & £3pw for toiletries.

Fees will be reviewed on an annual basis or in accordance with any legislation. Any changes in fees will be posted on the main notice board – Normally April of each year.