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Summerville House

Summerville House

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Summerville House is beautifully located in Heacham and offers a peaceful and tranquil setting, giving our residents the opportunity to live life to the full. Heacham is the perfect retirement destination.  Heacham’s award-winning beaches and stunning sunsets alone are worth staying at Summerville House. The sunsets on the beach are what picture postcards are made up of with the reflection of the sun providing a golden and silver road across the water. This is aided by the tides of the sea which when low makes the reflection change to deep indigo, crimson and deep silver blue which also lasts for hours.

The Village of Heacham has existed since before Roman Times and historically means “The Home in the Thicket” and whilst it has evolved in recent times it still retains the quaint feeling of seaside towns from yesteryear.

Summerville House is ideally located and residents have the opportunity to visit:


  • Norfolk Lavender – Hunstanton

  • Sandringham House – The Queens Residence

  • Sea-Life Aquarium

  • Princess Theatre (Hunstanton)

Our activity coordinator arranges the trips and also offers activities within our homes. This can be from pampering sessions through to musical events.

Other services include:

  • Hairdressing in-house or in the community

  • Chiropodist in-house or in the community

  • Optician in-house or in the community

  • Dentist in-house or in the community


We also offer Day Care Services, Respite, and Holiday Packages. For a full list of services, see the service user guide. 

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Registered Manager - Yvonne Sands


Assistant Manager - Position Vacant


Acting Team Leader - Mahidhar Reddy


Senior Carers - 

Arjun N, Betty M Marie C , Nigel P Prethiviraj D, Sajana K Sandhya R, Serin R Tracey G

Summerville House
King’s Lynn, Norfolk
PE31 7BH
T. 01485 572 127

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