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My Mother in Law is a resident at Summerville House in Heacham, Norfolk. She is very happy there and well cared for. There is plenty to do and lots of stimulation. The staff are great. I would recommend it.

Elaine Shortt 

My mother, was accepted into Norfolk Lodge early this year after a number of other homes refused to take her. She had previously spent a very unpleasant year in another care home, suffering from dementia, which resulted in her being placed in a secure mental health hospital. I virtually lost all hope ever having a chance to converse with my mother again. Thankfully a four month stay at the hospital and the subsequent aftercare provided by the staff of Norfolk Lodge, has enhanced my mother's well being. I am now able to engage in conversation with her on a better level than we have had in the last two years. 

I recently requested a meeting with the care staff to discuss issues regarding the continuing care of my mother. There was no hesitation from Yvonne, the care manager, who invited me along the very next day. I then attended the care home and met with Lainie, who I think, is a senior care worker. I was shown my mother's care plan and a brief history of her daily care records. There was clear transparency from Lainie, as to how the home was addressing my mother's care needs. We then considered future options to improve my mother's well being. I will wait to see if over the coming months, the options we have discussed, are implemented and are a benefit to my mother.



David Minns 

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